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Trâm: Vietnam in the past and now there has been a lot of change from recreational activities, roads and transportation.
Trâm : Thành do you know about the house in the past
Thành: Yes, in the past the houses were very simple, close to each other and used mostly with straw, bamboo, ...
Trâm: what about the things in the house ?
Thành: In those houses were very simple items made of bamboo or wood.
Ngân: So how about the house in nowadays
Thành : In nowadays the house is more modern it is made of very strong cement bricks and all houses have fences to prevent it from stealing like house in the past. And home appliances are improved and used by electricity
Thành: And you Ngân do u know anything about Vietnam then and now ?
Ngân: Yes, I know the custume at then and now
Thành: What about the custume in the past
Ngân: custume in the past is very simple, it is ao dai or ba ba clothes and at that time everyone had very little clothes
V.Hảo: How about the custume in nowaday :
Ngân: Today's clothes have improved the Ba Ba shirts which are seldom used. Instead, there are some types of costumes made of different materials such as jeans, T-shirts. 
Huy: What about the ao dai ?
Ngân: Ao dai is still there but some have been reformed by fashion designers to make them more trendy and stylish. 
Ngân: nowaday ao dai is a blessing for high school girls to wear to school 
Ngân: how about Trâm ? What do you think have been the benefits of our country's educational reforms over the past 10 years?
Trâm: I think Our children have gained serval benefits from the changes to the school system in the last ten years.
V.Hảo: How has it changed over the years.
Trâm: Firstly, more children go to school and illiteracy can be reduced. Even poor children can have the chance to assess to education thanks to free tuition fee and scholarships. 
Thành: how about the facilities ?
Trâm: There are more modern facilities. These facilities benefits both students and teachers, they make the teaching and learning more effective and easier.
Trâm: In addition, students are more motivated to learn with these facilities. Last but not least, student can gain not only theoretical but also practical knowledge. They have opportunities to sharpen their skills in class and apply what they’ve learnt in real life. In conclusion, I think that the changes in school system has brought many benefits to education nowadays.
V.hảo: wow it's great!
Trâm: V. Hao do you know anything about vietnam then and now?
V.Hảo: Yes, I know about health in the old days and today.
V.Hảo: In the past, health has not been much improved. There are only medicines that cure common diseases and are less dangerous to human life. and in the past, there were no devices for diagnosing patients' illnesses, so it was difficult to treat
Trâm: Is it in many places?
V.Hảo: no It is only available in the central places.
Huy: how about the medical nowadays?
V.hảo: Nowadays, society has developed many human beings who have invented medicines to treat serious diseases. equipment for treatment is also more modern such as: x-ray, ...
V.Hảo: And you huy do you know anymore about Vietnam then and now?
Huy: oh! I know leisure activities. In the past then entertainment activities are few and simple. are outdoor activities such as: hide-and-seek, skipping ropes, mandarins, ...
Thành: how about the leisure activities in nowadays?
Huy: These games still exist today but only appear at festivals because there are now more modern entertainment activities such as video games but today there are also many entertainment venues like cinema. , park, ...
Huy: Do you know about the streets in the past and now Thành ?
Thành: The old roads were mostly dirt and rocky roads, the narrow roads were empty and dark at night so it was dangerous.
Trâm: I know in nowadays the street have been expanded with electric light fixtures, roads are also widened, and are spread with cement or asphalt so that larger vehicles can move more easily.
Ngân: Do you know how was the vehicles before and now?
Thành: vehicles in the past are usually bicycles, rickshaws or maybe walking
Trâm: I know vehicles now is traffic light, people travel by motorbike or car.
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